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The Verde Vista: Wooden Botanical Arch brings cherished memories where indoor plants and the art of gardening were a vital part of home.


This wooden botanical arch is crafted from sanded, MDF wood plant pieces in three calming tones of green, delicately shaped and glued onto a cream-coloured backer.


These lush greens represent more than just nature; they embody a sense of home and safety, evoking memories of warmth and abundance. This handmade creation finds its perfect place in small entrances, powder rooms, or even fancy laundry spaces, adding a touch of nature's tranquillity.


Picture it nestled in a corner among other plants or adorning a shelf, creating a serene ambiance and reflecting a deep love for nature. 'Verde Vista' isn't just an artwork; it's a peaceful retreat, a reminder of the calming embrace of nature, and a tribute to the joy of crafting something with heart.


Size: 10" x 14"

Material: Plywood backer, MDF pieces for the plant

Colour: Cream Backer, green plant

Include: sawtooth hanger


***Please do not hesitate to contact us for your questions and comments. Our typical response time is within 24 hours. Send a message for your questions and special orders. Feel free to ask any questions!

Verde Vista Botanical Arch Wood Art

C$200.00 Regular Price
C$140.00Sale Price
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